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  • #9 John Vs #1 Tommy (Tommy wins)
    Tommy Lawler over 4 years ago
    Group game #9 John Vs #4 Pete Vs #1 Tommy (Tommy wins, Pete 2nd, John 3rd)
    Tommy Lawler over 4 years ago
    Group game #14 Chelsea Vs #9 John Vs #4 Bryan Vs #2 Pete Vs #1 Tommy (Tommy wins, Bryan 2nd, Pete 3rd, John 4th, Chelsea 5th)
    Tommy Lawler over 4 years ago
    #4 Pete Vs. #1 Tommy (Tommy wins)
    Tommy Lawler over 4 years ago
    Group game #9 John Vs #4 Bryan Vs #2 Pete Vs #1 Tommy (Tommy wins, Bryan 2nd, Pete 3rd, John 4th)
    Tommy Lawler over 4 years ago
  • Humboldt Disc Golf

  • Bag Tag Rankings

    1. Tommy Lawler (84-0)
    2. Bryan Oldt (64-70-2)
    3. Grey Higginson (15-5)
    4. Pete Leedy (68-81-2)
    5. Phelix Roby (14-6-1)
    6. Dave Battiato (3-6)
    7. Nate Holbrook (7-11)
    8. Travis Tollner(15-9)
    9. John Evenson (5-18)
    10. Alvin (1-5)
    12. Jeremiah England (0-8-1)
    13. Leroy Edwards (6-2)
    14. Chelsea Cough (2-38)
    15. Dave Bradsha (8-3-1)
    16. Dave Edwards (10-11-1)
    17. J.P. Means (2-8)
    19. Robert Bennett (7-11-1)
    20. Leanne Edwards (1-17)
    21. Millie Lawler (0-7)
    22. Jason Orlandi (0-0)

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  • Bag Tag Rules
    Have fun and follow the rules and spirit of disc golf. The purpose of the Bag Tag is to add another fun element to personal, league, and tournament rounds of disc golf. Please display your Bag Tag where others can easily see it.

    The Goal
    Your goal is to have the lowest numbered Bag Tag possible and have fun along the way.

    Rules of Engagement
    1. Members who “posses a current Bag Tag in hand” may issue/schedule/participate in challenge(s).

    2. Any member with a higher Bag Tag number may challenge any player within three spots higher then their bag tag to a round of disc golf.

    3. Members cannot avoid challenges by leaving the Bag Tag at home or by concealing your Bag Tag (see forfeiture).

    4. Challenges may be made in person, by telephone or e-mail. When a challenge via telephone or e-mail has been accepted, neither player can participate in Casual challenges until the agreed upon match has taken place.

    5. The player receiving the challenge can choose the course to be played AND must make a “fair and reasonable” effort to be available within 2 weeks.

    6. If the challenger cannot agree to a reasonable time or date for the match within the coming week, the challenge is void and both players may look for new challenges.

    7. Once the challenge has been agreed upon, any changes must be agreed upon otherwise a forfeiture may occur.

    8. If the challenger has the lowest score for the round, the tags must be exchanged immediately following the round.

    9. Challenges are on a round-by-round basis; i.e. challenges are for one round only in a multiple round event.

    Wins, Ties, and Exchanges

    Q: How do I win?
    A: The player with the lowest score at the end of the challenge round earns the lowest numbered Bag Tag among the challengers.

    Q: I won, when do I receive my winning Bag Tag?
    A: Bag Tags must be exchanged immediately following the round.

    Q: What happens if we have a tie?
    A: In the event of a tie, the player who started with the lowest numbered Bag Tag will be awarded the lowest numbered Bag Tag. This may require some sorting in a group challenge.

    Eligible Tags
    Members may only challenge members who posses the ABPB Bag Tag; no other Bag Tags are eligible to participate in challenges. You must have your Bag Tag with you to challenge or accept challenges.

    Each Bag Tag belongs to the entire club membership and should be accessible to all club members. Any club member will be required to surrender his/her Bag Tag if:
    • He/She is found to be purposely concealing the Bag Tag, especially with a low number.
    • Refusing and/or “forgetting” to carry his/her Bag Tag, especially to events where members are “likely” to be present.
    • Refusing Automatic Challenges.
    • Generally denying Bag Tag access to other members (TBD by 2 or more club officers).

    If you lose your Bag Tag, please report it immediately. You may then purchase the next lowest number Bag Tag available. Replacement tags, if available, will cost $10.00.

    Rules are subject to change and the ABPB Board of Directors will decide all disputes. The ABPB Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke your Bag Tag at our discretion.